Saturday, July 2, 2011


So many birthday invites!! I don't know if I was just more of an outcast as a child, or perhaps unaware that my name wasn't listed under the popular crowd, but I very rarely attended birthday parties for my elementary school friends--the ones I did were girls only-- The only boys ever present were the dad's and the adorable little brothers, or the scary older brothers.

But my sons, every time I turn around it's a party invite to this place, or that. Don't even get me started on how much all of these posh parties must run parents. Then there's the fact that they have 7 immediate cousins-oldest being 10, the youngest being just shy of her first birthday. 3 Girls to 4Boys.
Ever time I turn around there's a family party.

It not only gets expensive, but it causes a loss of creative brain cells. When it comes to giving the perfect gift to a child--one that their parents won't curse you over it later on--as a Mom, it's so nice to think of something "unique" for that child. But after awhile, the glow sticks taped to a plastic fishing pole, get tiresome. Therefore all that creative wave you formerly had, gone. Having been wrapped and set free, into the sailed horizon.

So you resort to ease. The ease of a $4.95 charge to purchase a gift card that wraps better then a tiny shoebox.  But I don't like ease. Unless it comes to the ease of obtaining the gift. As a SAHM I spend aLOT of time socializing online with $. I'm constantly looking for something different when it comes to gift giving. I'm a big one for gifts that are about learning. You know the types, the ones where the kids don't realize that they're learning, but if they could read subliminal message it would scream, "THIS TOY IS A LEARNING TOY!! CAUTION!!!" It's the perfect gift. But again, there are only so many places you can go to find them, without spending an arm and a leg on either gas, or shipping-not to mention the hike in price for that gift.

I happened to have stumbled upon a kitschy kiddy online Toy store about a year ago when a family member gave birth to twins. !!!Crumbs, yet another birthday to add to the calender!! This web heaven for Mom's had everything from a Mom's favorite baby toys to toys that start from A to B. Like, "Travel Toys by Alex," or "Giving Gyms by Bonnie." At the very start, just their name makes all good things feel warm and fuzzy. If you have already heard of this site, stop here and drill down to the comments field, help me back up my sentiments about this company below.

 If you haven't heard of them, when you do stop over there for a visit, come back here later, let me know if we share something in common, regarding this company. It's everything aside from a scented baby powder machine wafting soft cuddlesome powdery thoughts upon walking through their online doors.

I told you I spend a lot of time online searching for gifts. Unique gifts. Gifts that might be part nostalgic with a today's twist, or the type that hide learning by blocks of colors and words and sounds and scents. This site grows your interest as each click of the mouse walks you thru the easiest toy aisle you'll ever visit. Not to mention everything is always perfectly faced-unlike the local stores where you reach into the back of the action figures to find that one hero dude, only to have about 10 other plastic wrapped super hero's collapse on top of your extended hand.

It's organization became my best friend. But the pricing of all the items had me worried. They weren't terribly costly. I didn't know if the gift or even the packaging would arrive into the arms of a child, and would it be worth it. I knew I had to take a chance, and buy a few gifts online to try it out. Happily making that tired cousin of ours with the newborn twins, our guinea pig.

Oink Oink. Even my Kosher Husband happily agrees with me!
I haven't stopped shopping at Ebeanstalk ever since. I've multiplied my purchases quicker then the Bunnies do their offspring! I even hooked that worn out Mom of twins. Because, as you'll see, not only is the website easy to browse through, there's something for everyone there. It makes shopping fun. It's colorful and far from generic. But it's all high quality and low costs. Plus, if you have a special child like I do, one on an IEP, they even have toys that will cater to whatever challenge your little love may be currently experiencing. You name it! Speech. Sensory. Fine. Gross. They have it. Personally, I'm a big fan of anything that has to do with music and books, but it doesn't stop there. Imagination. Culture appreciation. Oh this is so pathetic as I could just go on and on, and instead, I'll pass along the torch to you to see for yourself.  It's a Lego Dude with a Flashlight "torch." It's more for your 4 year old builder, but surprisingly, you'll find it in my 9 year old son's bed.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my youngest is turning 5 in a couple of weeks and I'm off to order his birthday cake. (Did I mention this site does well for party favors?) Especially birthday cakes that don't crumble and that sing to you without the muffle.

Tell me what you think!!